Strong is fast, how strong are you?

A new block for you that wants to develop a solid pull from the ground and upper body push starts on Monday!

If you watched the CrossFit Games cutting event yesterday you noticed that the legless rope climb tore the female field apart.

This is the rationale behind the program.

If you add strength to the upper body you pull away, that’s just fact.

What you can expect

Lots of varied upper body pressing movements

Heavy barbells pulled fast from the ground

Two blocks ago the spotlight was on the handstand pushup and you got vast improvements . This time we will focus on the bells.

As always you find a free week of programming on the website but for convenience I supply the free samples below

Bloom – here

Advanced – here

Competitor – here

If you are a master then we start a new block as well on Monday!

Female – here

Male – here

//Marcus Herou, yours in all kinds of fitness