Howto follow GorillaFitness


Howto follow

The programming can be found here to utilize PR-tracking, training logging etc.

1. Choose a program

2. Create a subscription by adding your credit card by clicking on the button on the bottom of the page

3. You are now done and a follower of the program!

57 thoughts on “Howto follow GorillaFitness

  1. When a exercise ends with HS, does it means Heavy Singles or Heavy Single?
    Should I do a ladder to I reach my Heavy Single/s?

    1. Heavy Single. Read up on the concept in the beginning of this cycle but in a sense ramp up to a heavy single fast in about 50 reps total.

  2. Hi,

    Payed yesterday for the Foundation program but still can´t see the programming?

    Can you please fix this?


  3. Hi.
    If i decides to follow gorillafitness, can i just jump right in to it or should i start from the beginning of the programming? It’s the foundation programming i am intressted in.

  4. Hej!

    Skapade paypal idag men av någon anledning fick jag inte/ kunde jag inte skapa någon inloggning. Hur gör jag?

    Mvh// Emma Bäck

  5. Hej!

    jag signade upp på Foundation prog igår. men kan fortfarande inte se någon programmering. vad gör jag för fel?

  6. Hej,
    Signade upp på programming Classic, men kan inte se något mer än just själva transaktionen. Har något gått fel?

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